We’re sure that you don’t plan to get sick or to break a leg when you go on a trip, but unfortunately, it might happen. In cases like these, a travel insurance policy can help you get the medical assistance you need and cover your expenses. You know the drill: “Better safe than sorry”. Here are some reasons to consider travel insurance:

Cover Your Medical Expenses

If you think that suffering an accident is bad, it gets ten times worse when you’re miles away from home. US residents traveling abroad are not necessarily covered by their health insurance, so purchasing a travel insurance policy is worth it. On the other hand, many foreign nationals traveling to the United States don’t know that medical services are very expensive in this country. When you’re covered, you enjoy your trip more because you don’t have to worry about it.

Run Away From Natural Disasters

We don’t want to be a buzzkiller, but some of the most popular travel destinations in the world are susceptible to natural disasters. There are active and dangerous <volcanoes in Hawaii that could dampen your vacation plans. Japan is undoubtedly a wonderful place to visit, but the country is often hit by earthquakes. Unless you’re a very adventurous person, chances are you’ll want to cancel your trip and get a refund. That’s what travel insurance is for.

Recover Your Money If You Need To Cancel

Let’s suppose that you have a business meeting in another country, but you get sick prior to the departure or you’re going on vacation and a parent dies. Most travel insurance policies cover pre-departure trip cancellations because, without it, it’s very unlikely that airline companies will give your money back.

Don’t risk your travel investments! At Serra Benefits & Insurance Services, we’ve got you covered through a partnership with Petersens International Underwriters and Geo Blue for international medical insurance. After all, if you keep yourself insured at home, why wouldn’t you insure yourself while traveling? Contact us through our website or call us at (760) 439-9700.