How an Agent Can Help You Understand Your Ever-Changing Health Insurance Options

How To Find The Very Best Health Insurance Options For Your Family

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With the cooler weather approaching, we are bracing for cold and flu season, and simply hoping to get through the winter unscathed. However, for many, this season is a bitter reminder that they are one medical issue away from financial ruin. Despite the goals of the Affordable Care Act, many people are finding that their costs for health insurance continue to rise while their coverage only seems to worsen. They forgo seeking treatment and wait until medical problems become severe before they concede that they need help. Even with insurance, their high deductibles, copays, or loopholes mean that they quickly rack up medical bills in a short amount of time.

At Serra Benefits & Insurance Services, we know how frustrated people are with the current climate of the health care industry, which is why we want to help them take a second look at their current coverage and see if we can provide more affordable health insurance options.

Unless you’ve stayed on top of all of the changes in health insurance in the past few years, you may be ill-equipped to make the right choice for your family’s coverage. That is why it is so important to consult with a qualified insurance agent who can explain all of the options, and connect you with the best medical insurance for a family that also meets your budgetary requirements. So much has changed in terms of what is covered and how policies work, and your agent will help you understand how to maximize your benefits while dispelling any misconceptions. Even if you currently have group coverage through your employer, you may be better off with individual health insurance plans depending on your current plan and level of income.

In addition to connecting you with affordable health insurance, your agent can also help you see how your policy affects your financial goals and lifestyle. Your policy should be in line with your risks, including both your health and your financial solvency. For example, middle class families with young children need more coverage than an active, healthy person in his or her late twenties. Does your plan have adequate coverage to protect you from the unexpected? That is exactly what your agent will help you figure out.

Your agent can also help you discover any incentives that your plan offers, like discount gym memberships, awards for continued wellness and a number of others. Many insurance companies understand customers’ frustration with premiums, and they want to encourage individual wellness as a means to help lower the costs for everyone.

As you approach your health care decision-making, the team at Serra Benefits & Insurance Services wants to help you discover the very best health insurance options for your family. We believe that everyone should have access to clear, understandable information so that they feel confident about their coverage and future.

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