Is Your Employer-Provided Insurance Not Cutting It?

How Do I Get California Health Insurance At Lower Rates?

With the health insurance system in constant turmoil, many of us are facing employers who continue to scale back our benefits.

For example, some of us have even seen out insurance providers change frequently, with deductibles getting higher and coverage shrinking at an alarming rate. This situation is a double-edge sword because employers want to keep costs under control, while employees pay the price of shrinking coverage. As such, many employees are choosing to forgo their company’s health insurance, and instead, seek out individual health insurance plans.

At Serra Benefits & Insurance Services, we understand how the current climate of California best health insurance plans for Californiahealth insurance services is making people feel like they cannot get the healthcare they need. That is why we are here to help you get private health insurance that puts you back in control of your family’s wellness.

One of the qualities that set Serra Benefits & Insurance Services apart is our understanding of the confusion and frustration that this current insurance market creates. While we cannot solve the current challenges of the various health insurance providers, we can provide you with the most comprehensive options that best align with your needs and budget. Far too many people in this nation are over or under insured, which is why we focus on your family as an individual, not a statistic. We also work on long-term projections and goals, so that your insurance plan stays relevant to your evolving needs. We want you to feel confident that you can care for your family both now and in the coming years.

If your employer-provided benefits are no longer working for your family, we encourage you to contact us at 760-439-9700 for a consultation. We can connect you with affordable California health insurance that better serves your needs. Together, we can find a plan that works, so that you feel confident about your coverage and care.