Feeling Uncertain About Your Health Insurance?

You’re Not Alone When It Comes To Health Insurance Concerns, But We Can Help

If the constant healthcare debates or insurance uncertainty have you confused about your options, you are not alone. It seems like just when we get the hang of our insurance or medical providers, the industry turns itself upside down and takes us right back to square one. Finding affordable health coverage seems nearly impossible and what you do find has so much fine print that you never know what to expect. At Serra Benefits & Insurance Services, we understand, and while we can’t best health insurance plans for Californiachange how those mega-providers operate, we can supply you with the coverage you need in terms you can understand.

While we are proud to connect people with individual health insurance plans that make sense for their families, we also acknowledge that the industry as a whole is in upheaval right now. We want to help our clients get exactly the coverage they need and that fits into their budgets. However, our greater mission is to take the headache and confusion out of your health coverage. We help you identify key areas of importance and need in terms of your medical care, while ensuring you understand exactly how it will work for you.

We want to show you that you really can find affordable health insurance, and specialize in tricky areas like Medicare supplements. When you come to us, we want you to feel as if you have a friendly neighbor who truly wants the best for your family.

As you begin the process of searching for new insurance, we hope that you will come to us. We may not be able to change how the big providers work, but we can strategize on how to get you the best coverage possible. Whether you are on a fixed income or are worried about pre-existing conditions, we have the answers to your toughest questions. To schedule a consultation, contact us today at 760-439-9700 and discover a team that is always on your side and advocating for you.