Are You Stuck with a Premium Increase? Serra Benefits & Insurance May Be Able to Help

Over the past couple of months, many Americans have received devastating news from their insurance companies. They have been given notifications that their premiums will increase by record proportions, and are facing near-immediate financial crises.

Even as premiums rise, they find that their benefits continue to worsen, with ultra-high deductibles and skyrocketing copays. At a time of year when they should be focused on holiday cheer, they are instead facing uncertain futures for both their financial solvency and their health. This affects people of all socioeconomic classes, and highlights a healthcare system on the brink.

At Serra Benefits & Insurance, we know just how difficult these changing times are for families across the nation. You may feel like there is no solution and that you are stuck with a policy that is crippling your family with its ineffectiveness.

Our team wants to help by taking a second look at your options and connecting you to more affordable health coverage that is right for your family.

We know that when it comes to shopping for new health insurance, this task is about the least desirable endeavor you can undertake. We’re also aware that, for most people, insurance policies might as well be written in a foreign language. They are page after page of fine print and legalese, with so many “if/then” statements and loopholes that it seems nearly impossible to clearly identify the benefits and drawbacks of each policy.

Our team believes that shopping for individual health insurance plans should not be a stressful maze of confusion. We best health insurance plans for Californiapresent your options in clear terms, and walk you through every aspect of each so that you understand exactly what they cover and how.

As part of our mission to help provide affordable health insurance, we start by analyzing your life situation as a whole. Your age, level of health, financial solvency, and family make-up all play a part in deciding which type of coverage is right for you. For example, while an HSA may have the lower premiums, families with young children may better benefit from a PPO plan with copays because they are more likely to need office visits on a regular basis. If you have a chronic condition, you may need to avoid high-deductible plans because the perceived premium savings will come back double when trying to meet the deductible. We want to help you understand that selecting coverage is about finding a balance between having the right coverage and what your budget can sustain both short and long-term.

If you have received notice that your health insurance premium is increasing, let the team at Serra Benefits & Insurance take a second look at your options. While we can’t promise that we can solve all of your problems, we may have better solutions than you think. By taking the time to explore other options, you just may find that you can get better coverage—and peace of mind along with it. To schedule a consultation or to learn more about our services, call us today at 760-439-9700!