Group Health Insurance For Small Business

Despite the rebounding economy, many employees still feel like their benefits are shrinking. Sub-standard coverage coupled with rising premiums is fostering the perception among a growing majority that health insurance is a losing enterprise. Why try to keep up when it’s easier to gamble on not needing it?

In the past, employment benefits attracted talented individuals and helped them remain invested in a company’s success. best employee health insurance plans for CaliforniaNow we see that these benefits are disappearing or shrinking, and they’re treated as luxuries rather than rights. Employee morale and productivity are bound to take a hit sooner or later.

Lost in the strife is that employers face the struggle of finding affordable group health insurance for employees. We all know that the state of health insurance has been in constant change over the past year. Quality coverage, in turn, can be hard to come by.

At Serra Benefits & Insurance Services, we know that, as an employer, you want to provide your employees with quality health insurance, but you can’t do so if it means raising your operating costs at the expense of profitability. Our team can help with numerous small business health plans that give you the perfect compromise between quality benefits and affordability. Because Serra Benefits & Insurance Services represents all of the top insurance providers, we are able to shop for the best pricing for all types of coverage.

We are a company that believes in building relationships with our clients. We want to help them have continued success. We know that the right group health insurance for a small business gives both employers and employees confidence and promotes a healthier workforce. Our personalized service ensures that, as you compare plans, you have someone to help you understand your options and how they will affect your employees.

We encourage you to contact us for a consultation by calling 760-439-9700. With our help, you can give your employees the coverage they need and the support they deserve—at the price you can afford.