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Offering employee benefits to your team shows that you are committed to their wellbeing and fosters a harmonious workplace environment. These types of benefits not only increase employee happiness and morale, but give you the edge over other employers. Serra Benefits & Insurance Services offers a stunning range of employer group health insurance options in Oceanside & Carlsbad CA. Let us provide you with the means to increase your value to your staff with a group benefits package that fits your needs and budget.

Group benefits, such as small business health insurance plans, work by covering the members of a business or organization with a set of affordable benefits that protect their financial obstacles when it comes to their health. They differ from individual health insurance plans in that the terms of the policy are set by the employer and not the individual. Group benefits often also cover the family members of the employee, with the cost of the insurance policy split between the employee and the employer.

Serra Benefits & Insurance Services can assist you in determining the right kind of employer group health insurance plans that suit your business model. Let us work with you to ensure that your employees are protected.

5 Reasons you need to offer employee benefits


1. Attract the most talented employees

If you want to hire the best employees―talented, motivated workers who can help your company succeed―then a solid employee benefits package is a great place to start.

2. Minimize employee turnaround

While hiring matters, you also need to think about keeping your employees around. And once more, benefits come in handy.

3. Keep a healthy workforce

You probably know firsthand that when you feel better, you work better. So if you want a more productive employee, benefits―especially health benefits―can help.

4. Boost employee productivity

At this point, we’ve told you how a strong benefits package can get you talented workers, keep them around long-term, and give you a healthier workforce. The natural result of all those things? More productivity.

5. Enjoy better worker morale

Finally, having a good benefits package can improve employee morale, leading to a better workplace overall.

Q. What is group health insurance?

Group health insurance is a health plan or benefit package that is offered by an employer to their employees. It allows businesses to give health coverage to their employees and the employees families. This is generally a less expensive option than for each individual employee to go and get insurance on their own. It is often used as a tool to retain good employees and keep them happy, healthy, and maintain a productive work force. Group health insurance adds a sense of value to the employer and the employee.

Q. How much is an individual health insurance plan?

The premiums for individual health insurance plans depend on many factors, Including age, geographics, benefit level, and even income. Each policy is constructed with certain coverage options, each adding more and more value to the policy. Richer benefits equate to higher premium. While the coverage options may be more flexible than with group health benefits depending on what plans the company is offering, the premiums are often higher as a result if it is not being subsidized by an employer or Covered CA.

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