[vc_row][vc_column width=”1/1″][dt_quote type=”blockquote” font_size=”normal” background=”plain” animation=”none”]Johnna Gherardini, Executive Director
SCMG is a large private medical group. John Young has been our broker for the past 10 year and does a fabulous job. He goes above and beyond to help us out with communicating to our employees. If your current broker signs you up and does not communicate with you CHANGE to John Young. He is always a phone call away.


Bruce Kropp 
Angela and John are the best insurance Agents that I have dealt with in the past 25 years. Their service is Top Notch. They explained the new health care laws to me so I understood exactly what I needed to do they also listen to my needs and help me choose the best health insurance for my family and they followed through with getting me signed up. Thanks again, Angela and John.


Carol Kissin 
I was referred to Angela by the state Covered CA program. I had made my way through most of the application process without assistance, but when I did run into minor questions and/or glitches, I wanted to make sure my application went through correctly. Angela was very helpful with that. On a personal level, she was a pleasure to work with.


Stephie S. 
Angela helped me get a Medical Insurance Plan picked out and processed with such prompt and professional service. She went out of her way to answer my questions and even did additional research. I couldn’t have been happier with the level of service she provided. Angela helped make an overwhelming situation much smoother and manageable. Thank you, Angela!


Mark A. Sherman 
Angela was very professional, extremely knowledgeable and provided excellent service and follow up while helping me find and apply for an affordable, appropriate health insurance plan. She was supportive every step and help me to resolve some problems I was having using the Covered California web site. I would highly recommend Angela to anyone needing her services.


Beth Anne Young 
The personal assistance and care is outstanding!


Samantha McRoberts 
Angela was a great resource and really helped narrow down which health plan was appropriate for my family. She was knowledgeable and reliable, and made the process of choosing a plan easy. I have referred several friends to Angela and will continue to do so. Everyone has had a great experience when working with her.


Carl Weidner 
Angela is a wonderful agent. I am self-employed and wanted to change my plan by enrolling through Covered California at the end of 2013. The site was not very user friendly especially for the self employed. Angela knew just what to do, took down my information, got the application through and I got my new plan. She is a gem, personable and really knows how to navigate Covered California. If you are self-employed, do not go through the agony of using the site yourself. Go and talk to Angela.


Louanna Brower
I was referred by a friend many years ago and have since referred my friends and family. John is very personable and does an outstanding job. I have no complaints.


Bev Pittman 
John was so very helpful, professional and kind. He was patient with all my questions and never made me feel like I was asking about something unnecessarily. He has a great spirit and energy. He made the process of buying health insurance much less painful than I expected! I will definitely forward his name to friends and family who are in need of insurance.


Denice Dixon 
Very knowledgeable and helpful during the sign up period for Covered California. It would have been stressful and confusing if she had not been there to help to complete the process.


Desirae Petree 
Angela has been a consistent reliable agent for years. She not only offered her professional advice when I did not purchase a plan because I was out of state, but she also has a genuine interest in making sure I am satisfied and adequately covered. Now I am back in the state of California, she is helping to find me an affordable plan that meets my needs. She is proficient and extremely knowledgable. I highly recommend her for any of your insurance questions and needs. She aims to make this confusing process, less painful for the client 🙂 thank you Angela!!!


Mark Stober
Angela took the time to understand my medical needs and helped me compare the various Covered California options so that my wife and I were able to select the most cost-effective policy…not the “cheapest” monthly premium but the one that will save us money in the long run in view of our expected healthcare expenses. She also took care of all the time-consuming processes involved with the Covered CA signup making it easy and worry-free for us to transition from employer-paid healthcare to our own policy. I was so satisfied with Angela’s service that I have recommended her to family members and friends.


Emma Hoyland 
Angela was very helpful in getting me signed up for Covered CA. It was all a bit confusing for me and she was available to answer all of my questions and make sure that I made the choice that was right for me. Even after I was set up with my insurance carrier I was still able to contact Angela with concerns that I had and she was sure to point me in the right direction and make sure that I got the answers that I needed.


Melody Nieder
What a JEM!!! Angela is very knowledgeable, patient and professional!!! She has helped me tremendously and has done so in a very kind way. She’s the best!!


Laurie Guy
I like many did not know where to look for help with the new Obama Care. Angela walked me through the maze in a matter of 30 minutes and I was done with the application for my son and myself. Angela is a very professional and knowledgeable agent. I would highly recommend her with any insurance issues.


Dan Berg 
Always calls back, always helpful. This says it all.


Darlene Van Tash 
Angela is professional and knowledgeable about the healthcare changes and programs. She was able to help find health coverage for the whole family. She answers emails and phone calls which is a plus when you have questions. She took the time to explain so we understood what we were getting as health coverage. Thank you Angela for your time and help in this process.


Roman Hemming 
Thank you for coming to my house on Sunday and helping my family with our policies.


Carey Neill
Mr. Young consistently provides an elevated level of knowledge and responsiveness for our company’s insurance needs.[/dt_quote][/vc_column][/vc_row]