Why Should I Get Private Health Insurance?

When it comes time to sign up for health insurance, it can be difficult to understand the ins and the outs of the industry. You’re not alone—insurance can be a confusing topic. But it is also an important one. Although the Affordable Care Act (ACA) requires that you obtain health insurance, you still have some options as far as coverage goes.

There are two different types of public aid funded by the government. Welfare programs like Medicaid are available for those with very low income. If you’re unable to afford healthcare based on your income, Medicaid is the obvious choice. But the requirements to qualify exclude many from signing up.

Another public service is social insurance, which is often funded by taxes and established by a federal law. These programs are usually open to specific individuals—for example, those aged 65 and over who are enrolled in Medicare.

Sometimes these options aren’t available, depending on your age and income, but sometimes they are. That doesn’t always mean they’re the right plan for you. Here are some reasons to get private health insurance instead of exploring other avenues.


  1. Wait Times: Every time you head to a medical appointment, you expect to spend a fair amount of time waiting. But wait times have been steadily increasing in the U.S.—and not just at the doctor’s office. Wait times between scheduling an appointment and actually attending it, with some patients waiting over two months to see their doctor. Of course, this varies by office, insurance company and reason for the appointment, but wait times tend to be shorter among private companies than federally-funded ones.
  1. Control Over Your Plan: When it comes to public healthcare, you’re rather limited in your coverage options. With a private health insurance plan, you can shop around to make sure your plan fits the coverage you desire. This is typically the best medical insurance for family Couples with children often have different insurance needs than individuals. Make sure you have everything you need by searching through different plans until you find the perfect one for you and yours.
  1. Extra Coverage: While insurance companies could once charge more if you had a preexisting medical condition or family history of a disease, the ACA put an end to that. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean your coverage plan will automatically include the things you’d like it to. Do you regularly visit a chiropractor or get acupuncture? If so, being able to search for a plan that includes the extras you need is definitely a plus.
  1. Avoid a Penalty: Now that you can be penalized on your taxes for not having insurance, you want to make sure you’re covered to avoid paying unnecessary fines. Affordable health coverage isn’t hard to find these days so make sure to find a plan you can afford so you can stay covered and avoid paying a penalty.


How can I get affordable health coverage?

If you want to sign up for private health insurance, you can, of course, buy your own plan. Another option is to go through your employer to find affordable health coverage. Because individual plans tend to cost more, you can save some money by joining a group plan. However, the freedom to customize your plan varies by employer as well. While some may provide various choices, some employers offer only one type of plan.


How do you find an agent for private health insurance?

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