Life insurance is often a topic no one really wants to discuss.

We put it off, keeping it on the back burner while promising ourselves that we will get around to it eventually. Additionally, it doesn’t help matters that the plethora of options, conditions, clauses, and legalese make it seem nearly impossible to understand what applies to you and your family. You want to find a life insurance agent to help, but you worry about pushy tactics and attempts to upsell you on more coverage than you really need. With so many concerns, how do you go about securing affordable life insurance quotes for the right level of coverage? That is where Serra Benefits & Insurance Services comes in. Our team wants to show you that can have both the coverage you need and the service you deserve. We will help you understand the types of life insurance in plain, simple terms, while never pressuring you for more coverage.

Before you proceed, here are some key aspects of your life you need to consider so that your agent has the complete information about your total financial picture:

  • Your family make-up—If you are married and/or have children, this makes a huge difference in the amount of coverage you may need, especially if your children are younger. Will your spouse be able to afford childcare, healthcare, school expenses and more if he or she has to do so alone?answers about different types of  life insurance from Serra Benefits in California
  • Your salary/earning potential—This directly connects to your family make-up. If something happened to you tomorrow, in what financial shape would you be leaving your family? This can be especially important for situations that involve a stay-at-home parent or when one spouse makes significantly less money than the other. You have to look at the long-term impact your absence would have on your loved ones, as well as what it would take to help them maintain their current standard of living.
  • Your home—Do you own your own home, rent, or have a mortgage? In many cases, a home mortgage is one of the single-largest items of debt you will ever carry. Would your family need to pay off this debt quickly to preserve financial independence? Likewise, you need to know how much equity you currently have in your home to get the most comprehensive understanding of your situation.
  • Other debt—From cars to credit cards, how much debt do you currently have in your name? You want to know the issues you would be leaving behind, and what it would take to resolve them.
  • Final expenses—As much as no one wants to consider it, final expenses for funerals cost thousands. Even if your financial picture allows for a small, cheap term life insurance policy, it still needs to be enough to ensure your loved ones are able to cover these costs.

Serra Benefits & Insurance Services is here to help you navigate all of these questions, and find the answers that make sense for your family and your budget. We encourage you to contact us at 760-439-9700 for an appointment and let us get you the coverage you need backed by the customer service you deserve.